Rewardbased Art of Riding in Spain

Rewardbased Art of Riding in Spain

Tisdag 19 – torsdag 21 november 2019
Instruktör: Angelica Hesselius

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Groundwork, lungeing and work in hand.

Groundwork, lungeing and work in hand are some of the key elements of the Academic Art of Riding. Groundwork helps you to fine-tune and to improve your communication with your horse and prepare your horse for riding. On this course we will adapt the typical exercises and work with them from a positive reinforcement perspective.

We will start with theory. Talk about the stelling and bending and the different positions we work from. What aids can we use? When and how do we proceed to lateral movement or other ways to work from the ground? What exercises do we use? How can we start with a more active and participating horse?

We practice the different ways to work from the ground in both halt and in movement. We will work with targets, poles and mats to set up our learners for success.

Learn more about body awareness for both you and for your horse. We train ourself to educate our eyes to see small movements.

My first focus is on relaxation and understanding. For both you and your horse. Only a relaxed mind can learn and have a relaxed body.

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Course timetable:

Arrrival: from 2pm 18th November

Tuition Days: 19, 20, 21st November

Departure: 12pm 22nd November


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