Rewardbased Art of Riding Clinic

Rewardbased Art of Riding Clinic

Lördag 23 – söndag 24 mars 2019
Plats: Prague, Czech Republic
Instruktör: Angelica Hesselius

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Groundwork, lungeing and work in hand are some of the key elements of the Academic Art of Riding. Groundwork helps you to fine-tune and to improve your communication with your horse and prepare your horse for riding.

This days we will focus on practical work in the riding arena. What does your horse need to be able to move more balanced and how can you help him with the us of positive reinforcement?

We practice the different ways to work from the ground in both halt and in movement. Learn more about body awareness for both you and for your horse. We train ourself to educate our eyes to see small movements. We will look on how you can improve your aids and your timing. Different ways to get in to the lateral work. How do we find flow?

Every horse and rider is welcome. No matter the discipline you work in, the academic groundwork can help you towards more balance. My first focus is on relaxation and understanding. For both you and your horse. Only a relaxed mind can learn and have a relaxed body. 

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